What is Your.Rentals?

We designed and built Your.Rentals to be the simplest to use property management app for holiday rental owners and agencies. We want to help property managers save time and money by managing their vacation rentals using one easy platform.

Easily publish on other websites

Our focus is on ensuring you're able to quickly and easily create high quality listings and publish them on the most important holiday rental websites (known as sales channels). Via our Channel manager, we offer connections to market leading channels like AirBnB, Booking.com and TripAdvisor as well as more than 30 specialist portals in different parts of Europe and beyond.
With Your.Rentals you do not require individual accounts on each channel to publish on these websites, as you would with other property management applications. Simply set up a Your.Rentals account and we'll share your listing with whichever sales channels you choose.

Create the best possible listings

We work closely with rentals websites and know why they prefer one listing to another. Our Listing builder is designed to ensure your listing ticks all the quality boxes that sales channels prefer. Your listings will be given a Quality Score which tells you if you should improve listing content. A direct result of this is that your listings will receive higher placements on sales channels than you may be used to, meaning more people will see your listing.

Manage bookings in a way that works for you

When a Guest wishes to book your property via any of our sales channel partner websites, we'll take payment from the Guest and either confirm it instantly (if you enable Instant Booking), or let you know via SMS and email that you have a new Booking Request. You have 24 hours to Accept or Decline the request.

Get paid quickly

We'll Payout your earnings from each booking to your nominated bank account 24 hours after the Guest has checked-in.
Larger holiday rental management companies with Business Plan or Pro Plan may apply for payment up to 60 days before check-in after being verified by Your.Rentals.

Find out how to calculate how much you'll earn here.

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