To make sure people viewing your listing have accurate information, it's really important that you input your property's exact street address and make sure that the map pin location is correct. This will ensure that your property is listed in the correct geographic area on holiday rentals websites and we can provide address details to Guests when their booking is confirmed.
We will never share the street address until a booking is confirmed.

Set your listing address and location

  1. Select the country for your listing.
  2. In the Address field, type in the street address, for example: Storgatan 10, Malmö. We'll try to match it with Google Maps and you should select the correct matching entry from the suggestions.
  3. If you've selected an address from Google Maps, we'll automatically insert the City, State/region and Postal code.
  4. Add extra details, for example: 2nd Floor in the Apartment, floor, building section.
  5. Click Save address to continue.
  6. On the Check map location page, check that the map pin is correctly placed. If it is not correctly placed, you are able to move it to the correct position.
  7. Click All good to go to continue.

My address is not found

In the case that your address is not suggested in the Address step

  1. Carefully enter the exact Address
  2. Fill in the correct City (insert town or village here), State or region, and Postal code.
  3. On the Check map location page, ensure the map pin is placed accurately using the zoom tools.

If you still have issues due to a difficult street address, please check this article.

Edit your listing address and location

If your listing has not yet been published, you can freely edit the address following the instructions above.
If your listing has been published, you can edit the apartment, floor, building and correct misspellings and correct the map pin position. If you want to edit your address because you have moved, stopped renting a property or you're listing a new property, you need to create a new listing rather than changing the address of an existing listing.

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