Descriptions are the selling text of your listing. Describe your property, all rooms, key selling points, unique details, extra services, the exterior, and what’s available in the local area.
Search engines prefer unique and well written content, so it pays to invest in writing good description text.

For more advice on writing a good description, check out our blog.

Description - General recommendations

If you’re not great at writing, ask a friend or hire a copy writer to write your descriptions, or check out our suggested structure here.

  • Your headline is key: Ensure your headline is well written to attract clicks from search results. See below for tips.
  • Use enough text: We set minimum text length automatically to ensure your listing meets sales channel requirements. Generally, more (well written) text is better than less.
  • Structure: Structure your description text into short sentences and paragraphs to keep similar details together and make reading easier.
  • Personal style: Holiday rentals are personal, so keep your writing style personal and describe your listing from a personal perspective.
  • Drop the cliches: Keep it simple and original and avoid too many "spectacular" adjectives.
  • Extend your reach: Our sales channels list in many languages. Invest in high quality translations to reach more potential guests in their language.

Adding your description

Complete all 3 fields for each language you’re adding. Details about each field are below.


You have a minimum of 20 characters and maximum of 80 characters to sell your listing!
Your headline should avoid cliches and should describe the key selling points - for example “Swimming pool”, “Close to transport”, “2 mins from the Beach”. Include “Last minute deal” if you have enabled Last minute discounts in Special Rates. If price is a key selling point, you may want to include “for €90/night” in the headline.

Short summary

You have a minimum of 80 characters and maximum of 300 characters for a short description of your listing.
Your short summary is used by some sales channels as a snippet in search results. You should cover the most important points about your listing here.

Detailed description

You have a minimum of 400 characters and maximum of 10000 characters for the detailed description of your listing.

  • Unique selling points: List and explain the key features of your listing in a structured way.
  • Tell a story: Make your description unique and tell it from your familiar point of view. Why do you love your property?
  • Paint a picture: You don’t win extra trust by using overblown adjectives like “amazing” or “spectacular”. Describe in detail to the Guest what makes the views, pool, or living room furniture so special.
  • Keep it simple: Use short sentences, short paragraphs. Use small bites of information as opposed to big long paragraphs and sentences. Consider adding headings between paragraphs to break up the content and facilitate skimming.
  • Exterior and nearby: Ensure that you describe your outdoor spaces and facilities, as well as describing what makes the local area so interesting.

Adding languages

You may only be fluent in one language, however investing in copy writing and professional translations will ensure you capture the attention of all potential Guests.
If you don’t add a supported language, we’ll Google Translate your default language before distributing to sales channels. Read more about languages here.

How to add more languages:

  1. From the Description page, click the Add languages button.
  2. Select the languages that you would like to add your own translation for.
  3. If you are creating more than one listing, you can save this choice for all listings.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. You’ll notice new language tabs with country flags.
  6. Click each flag and enter the required texts before you continue.
  7. When a language meets the minimum character requirements, a tick will appear next to it.

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