In the event that a Guest cancels a confirmed booking, you'll be notified by email and will receive a Payout according to the terms of your Guest Cancellation Policy.

If a Guest cancels a booking:

  • You will immediately receive a notification of the cancellation by email.
  • The booking will show as Cancelled in the Bookings overview page 
  • The Booking details page will be updated with the following information:  Status: Canceled by Guest
  • Payout information will be updated to show you the Payout amount that you will receive based upon your Guest Cancellation Policy.
  • Your Payout will be processed on the booking check-in date.
  • The booking will be removed from your Calendar.
  • The dates in your Calendar will automatically be open for booking.
  • If you export your Calendar to other calendars, the dates will become available in those calendars.

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