Some Property Managers would like to hold a Security deposit from the Guest in case anything is broken or damaged in the property during the rental period.

How do security deposits work in Your.Rentals

If the booking is made through Your.Rentals, we advise the Guest of your Security deposit requirements while booking. If this booking is received through a compatible channel, we reserve the right to charge the Guest's payment card up to the amount you have set in the case of a problem. In the rare case that you report a problem after a Guest's stay, we'll ensure that the dispute is solved and you receive a fair amount (up to your Security deposit amount) to cover your additional costs.

How do the different channels manage security deposits?

Not all sales channels allow collection of security deposits from guests. If you receive a booking through one of these channels, they will not include a security deposit. In this case, you need to collect the security deposit from the guest when they arrive.

Sales channels which do not collect security deposits:

  • CuddlyNest
  • LaComunity
  • Tripvillas
  • Despegar
  • MagicStay
  • Atraveo/TUI villas
  • Locasun

Some channels have other specific requirements for listings and bookings. You can view these here.

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