Once you've published a listing we'll start sharing it to your selected channels. Depending on the channel this could take a little while. Your listing will start appearing online within 24 hours. In some rare cases this can take a few days.

View your listing in a sales channel

You can see the status of your listings by going to your Channel Manager page.
We'll let you know if your listing has been sent to the channel or if any action is required to help move things along.
Where possible, we'll even provide you a direct link to the channel so you can see your listing in all its glory 😎

Click on the coloured box underneath the channel icon to find the link to the channel or for more information on the connection status.

It says that my listing is online. Why can't I view it?

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to provide you with a link to your listing in a sales channel for the following reasons:

  • Not all sales channels have public websites.
  • Not all sales channels have a listing page (for example: HomeToGo and HomeAway are search engines without listing pages and links to Your.Rentals for booking).
  • Not all sales channels provide us with a link to your listing (we are working hard with every channel to get this data).

What do I do if there is no link available?

Even if there is no link available to your listing after a few days, that does not necessarily mean that your listing is not published on that website. It may mean instead that the website does not have specific pages for each listing, or that they have not yet sent us the link to your listing.

In this case, try searching for your listing directly on the holiday rentals website, using the name you gave the listing.

If you still can't find your listing, contact a member of our support team and they'll happily investigate on your behalf.

Why isn't my listing online?

We aim to have every listing online in every channel as quickly as possible. Certain channels sometimes take a little longer than others, for example if they have to manually approve every listing. Sometimes, channels will require a bit more info before you're able to publish your listing.

In most cases, we'll know within a couple of days if there are any actions required to connect to a channel. For example, you might need to add a rental licence number or provide a bit more info about your property in order to meet the channel requirements. You can see any actions required on your Channel Manager page.

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