It's important for Your.Rentals not to send duplicate listings to Sales Channels so that your listing only appears once in their website. Having duplicate listings will also lead to confusion as if more than one listing for your property is online, you will not have all bookings for your listing in the same place.

Why we automatically turn channels OFF

When we detect that you are using Calendar Sync to import a calendar from a sales channel available via Your.Rentals, we'll automatically turn OFF that channel in your Channel manager.
For example: if you are importing an Airbnb calendar for a listing, and you have the Airbnb channel turned ON in the Your.Rentals Channel Manager, we assume that you have your listing already on Airbnb (via your own personal Airbnb account) and we automatically turn the Airbnb channel OFF in Your.Rentals.
This applies to many of our channels.

We do this so that you don't have the same listing with both your personal account and your Your.Rentals listing live at the same time. This is a violation of the terms of use and may lead to your account being suspended.

I would like to use Your.Rentals instead of directly managing my listing in a channel

If you already have your listing in your own personal account in a sales channel and would like to instead manage it via Your.Rentals, here is how you can set that up.
This example is for Airbnb, however you can apply the same logic to other sales channels.

  1. Login to your existing personal account on Airbnb.
  2. Temporarily unlist your space in your Airbnb account (we recommend you do not permanently delete your listing until you have tested everything is working).
  3. Login to your Your.Rentals account
  4. Ensure that your Your.Rentals Calendar contains all future bookings for this listing. Depending upon how you update your Your.Rentals calendar, you should ensure that you import your bookings from another central calendar (such as Google Calendar) and not via Airbnb. Or you can manually block future booked dates.
  5. If you have been importing your Airbnb calendar to Your.Rentals via iCal, delete this iCal import from your Your.Rentals calendar.
  6. Go to the Your.Rentals channel manager and turn ON the Airbnb channel.

Please be aware of the following:

  • By following these steps, you will in fact be creating a new listing in Airbnb. The history from your existing listing will still be available via your personal Airbnb account, but not from Your.Rentals.
  • Your new listing in Airbnb will be provided by Your.Rentals, and not you personally.
  • As long as you do not permanently delete the listing from your personal Airbnb account, you will be able to reverse these changes in the future if you wish.
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