When you log-in to your Account, the first page that you see is your Account Dashboard. Here you'll find notifications, statistics, reminders and most importantly details about how to improve your account and listing quality. Some of this information will not be displayed until you've published your first listing.

Key Information

The 4 numbers that you see at the top of your Dashboard tell you:

  • Listings: The number of published listings in your account.
  • Channels: The number of channels that are ON for at least one of your published listings.
  • Bookings: The number of confirmed Bookings you have received since you created your account.
  • Requests: The number of Booking requests you have received since you created your account.


In the notifications section, you can see:

  • Pending booking requests: If there is a Booking request that you have not answered, you can click from here to Accept or Decline the request.
  • Confirmed bookings: The most recent confirmed bookings show here with a quick link to view the Booking details.

Upcoming Bookings

In this section, you can see a summary of your next Upcoming bookings with the next check-in date at the top of the list. You can click to view the booking details for each Upcoming booking.

Account Quality Score

Your Account Quality Score is a simple average of the individual Listing Quality Scores for all of your published listings. We recommend that you take a little time to understand our Quality Scores and work to increase them as high as possible. You won't see this box on your dashboard until you've published your first listing.
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From your Dashboard, you can see your current Account Quality Score including a colour which signifies its health (Red, Orange, Blue or Green). Your goal is to increase your Account Quality Score as close to 100/100 as possible.
Suggested improvements is a list of actions to help you achieve this. The most important of these actions is listed first, and they actions are updated as you make improvements to your listings which impact upon your Account Quality Score.

Action Required

Sometimes, you'll be required to do something to keep your account running smoothly. Any action items that we need you to do will be displayed here. Complete as many as possible to ensure that your account is in the best shape possible.


Everyone is busy, but we'd love you to read some of our posts on the Your.Rentals Blog for Property Managers. We publish notifications of new Sales Channels, new features and interesting holiday rentals industry information and news. A selection of the latest blog posts can be found on your Dashboard.

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