In addition to the standard Personal Plan, if you have a company we offer 2 plans that allow you more control over your cash-flow.

  • Personal Plan (5% service fee) - receive payouts 24 hours after guest check-in.
  • Business Plan (8% service fee) - receive payouts up to 30 days before guest check-in.
  • Pro Plan (10% service fee) - receive payouts up to 60 days before guest check-in.

For full details about our plans, check our Plans overview.

You can choose the plan that suits you during the sign-up process and you can change your plan at any time on the Edit profile page

Choosing plan during sign-up

You can choose your desired plan while creating a new account.
Please note that Business and Pro plan are only available for Company accounts. To activate your Business or Pro plan, after completing the sign-up process you must complete company verification by clicking “Verify now” on the dashboard. While waiting for your company verification to be completed, you can still use your account and publish listings and enjoy the conditions of our Personal plan.
Click here to find out why we need to verify your company.

Changing plan on the Edit profile page

You can change your plan on the Edit profile page. Once you've changed your settings, you'll see this message.

If you are upgrading to Business or Pro plan, you'll need to then complete company verification by clicking “Verify now” on the dashboard.
If you are downgrading to Personal plan, the change will be applied immediately.

Verification process

To upgrade to a Business or Pro plan, you need to have a Company account, and you need to complete our Company verification procedure.

To start the verification process, click "Verify now" on the dashboard.

During the Company verification, you will be asked for the following:

  • Company name
  • Country of registration
  • Company registration number
  • Tax ID number
  • Company address / Home address
  • Company website
  • Telephone number
  • Your name
  • Your role in the company
  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • Facebook profile URL
  • Document uploads including your company certificate of registration, national photo ID and a recent utility bill

After submitting your Company verification information, our Business support team will review and verify your application. This is usually completed within a week, but can take longer. Please note that the more information you provide, the faster we can complete the verification process.
 *All the information that you provide will be used for the sole purpose of Company verification.

Account Plan status

Verification required

When you have requested to upgrade to a Business or Pro plan, but you have not submitted your Company verification information. Your Plan conditions remain on a Personal plan level.
To complete your Plan upgrade, you need to complete our Company verification procedure.

Verification pending

When you have submitted your Company verification request, your data will be locked and you will see the Verification status "Pending".
Our Business Support Team will be in touch with you by email if we require any clarification or additional information. If you have been asked to submit more data, you may unlock your data and resubmit it.
Please note: Resubmitting your data may cause delays in your application being reviewed.

Verification approved

Your Business verification has been approved and your Plan has been upgraded as requested.
Please note: Once your Company account has been verified, if you change your Account Type to Private Person or change any of your Company details, you will lose your Verified status and be automatically downgraded to a Personal Plan.

Verification declined

Your business verification application has unfortunately been declined, and your account Plan has been downgraded to Personal Plan.
You should not reapply unless you have all of the requested information, or you have a new Business entity you are seeking to have verified.

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