We require business (company) verification for professional Property Managers to ensure the security of payouts before check-in.

Why do we require company verification?

Unfortunately, within the holiday rentals industry scammers/fraudsters try to get payments from guests for holiday homes which don’t exist. They do this by requiring payment before check-in, so that by the time the guest arrives, they are long gone.
To solve this risk and secure guest payments, Your.Rentals pays out property managers after check-in. This eliminates any motivation from scammers/fraudsters to use our platform, and ensures that property managers are not paid until any problems at check-in are resolved.
Professional Property Managers or those who wish to be paid out before check-in, therefore, may need to go through a verification process - similar to when opening a bank account - so we are sure of who we are dealing with and providing a line of “credit” to.

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