Under certain circumstances your listing may be automatically paused by Your.Rentals to ensure that we adhere to Sales Channel requirements for up-to-date calendars and rates. This is different to an Unlisted listing, where you have chosen this status yourself.
If you would like read more about why we do this, please refer to this blog post (English only).

Why was my listing paused?

Your listing may be paused due to the following events:

  • Your calendar has not been updated recently
  • Your rates appear not to be set for at least the next 12 months
  • You have declined too many Booking Requests
  • You have cancelled too many confirmed Bookings

You can see the reason that your listing was paused in the Listings page.

Reactivating your listing

Depending upon the reason for your listing being paused, you can find guidance on how to reactivate:

  • in the email alerts sent to you when your listing was paused
  • in the Listings page for the listing that was paused
  • in the Related Articles section below 👇

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