The money that you receive for a booking is called a Payout. A Payout is made to your nominated Payout Method, that is, the bank account or PayPal account that you've selected.
When you'll receive this depends on which plan you're on. Property Managers on the Personal Plan will receive their payout 24 hours after guests check in. Business or Pro Plan users can receive their payout in advance.

Payout Calculation

We calculate the Payout for a booking as follows:

Payout = ((Gross amount - Discounts) x Commission %) + Cleaning fee

The gross amount is the price that the guest was charged before any discounts were applied. We always calculate your Payout based upon the Gross amount, Discounts and Cleaning fees that you have specified in the Listing Builder.

The commission that you pay to Your.Rentals is calculated on your Rental Rate minus any discounts you have applied. To cover the direct costs above we deduct a 15% Booking fee from confirmed bookings. To cover the costs of running our platform and our business we charge a Service fee of 5% for Personal Plan, 8% for Business Plan and 10% for Pro Plan. The Commission is not charged on the Cleaning fees.
Read more about setting rates and how we calculate your payouts.
In the case that you have incurred Cancellation fees on a previous booking, that will be deducted from your next Payout.

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