In order to receive your Payouts on time, you need to specify how you would like to get paid. Specifying a Payout method means securely storing your bank account details in our system so that we are able to automatically create your Payout at the correct time.

Adding a Payout method

You can add a Payout method by visiting your account settings page and selecting Payout preferences.
You can select either Bank transfer, PayPal or Payoneer debit card as your preferred method.
The amount of time it takes for your Payout to reach your account may vary depending on your selected method.

Bank Transfer

Enter your billing address in the first form. These details should match the address that is associated with the bank account you will add in the next step.

Once you've entered your billing address you'll be directed to a secure third-party site (Payoneer) to enter your bank details.

You may need to wait a few minutes for your details to be approved by Payoneer.

For more detailed instructions on adding a Payoneer Bank Transfer, please read this article.

Do I have to pay fees to receive a bank transfer?

Bank transfers are free when you select a currency supported by Your.Rentals. We cover both the transfer fee and the conversion fee on your behalf.
If you choose to receive your earnings in a non-supported currency, we'll cover the transfer fee, but a currency conversion fee of up to 2% will apply.


If you select PayPal Payout you'll be asked to log in to your account on the website.

You may be asked to confirm that the site has permission to access your account details.

Payoneer debit card

Payoneer offers the option for a pre-paid physical debit card which you can use to receive payments.

You can use an existing Payoneer account or create a new one. If you create a new account you may need to wait for your application to be approved.
Learn more about Payoneer card accounts here.

Adding additional Payout methods

You can add additional payout methods, but you can only have one Active method at a time. This means we can store your details, but you'll only be able to receive payouts via one method.

You can also set a minimum payout amount so that you only receive your payout once you reach a certain amount.
Learn more about minimum payouts here.

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