By default, you'll receive a Payout for each confirmed booking. When you have a confirmed Booking, the Payout terms determine when you will receive your Payout.

Payout terms

As standard, we issue payouts 24 hours after your guest checks in.

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According to the Payout terms for your account, we'll process the Payout on the day that your Payout is due. It may take up to 5 banking days for the Payout to reach your nominated bank account.

Setting a Minimum Payout

Sometimes you might want to delay your payout until you have received a certain amount of booking fees. This can make things easier for accounting purposes, of in cases where your bank charges you a fee per transaction.

To set a minimum payout amount go to your Payout Methods page. Select a payout method or add a new one. Then click the options button and select Edit minimum payout amount.

We won't send your payout until you reach your set amount. You can change your minimum payout amount at any time.
We'll show you how much you have accumulated in your Wallet page.
If you change your minimum payout amount, and the funds in your Wallet meet the new minimum, we'll send your payout the next working day.

Payout calculation and process

When a booking has been confirmed (either an Instant Booking or a Booking request that you have Accepted), you can see the expected payout on the Booking details page.
 The Payout calculation can change before the Payout is made if:

  • You incur a Cancellation fee for cancelling another confirmed booking - this will be automatically deducted from your next payout.

  • The Guest cancels the booking - we'll determine any refund payable to the Guest and recalculate your Payout.

Any changes to the expected Payout will be shown on the Booking details page.

In the case that the Guest reports a problem with the booking within 24 hours of check-in your Payout will be put on hold until the dispute is resolved.

If your Payout Method account details are incorrect you will be unable to receive Payouts.

If for any reason you do not receive your Payout when you expect it, please contact immediately.

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