The number one rule of Property Management is to make sure your guests enjoy their stay! 😃 Providing a good Guest experience is critical to your business - providing repeat business, word of mouth referrals and good reviews.
A good Guest experience depends on different factors - including trust, privacy and security. We encourage Property Managers to ensure they meet the following guidelines when receiving Guests.


Make sure the photos and descriptions on your Listings are accurate and regularly updated. There is nothing worse for a Guest than arriving at a holiday home and finding it completely different to what was advertised. If you agree with the Guest about meeting for check-in or providing extras and services then you need to uphold your agreements. Show the guest that you can be trusted.


For the period that your property is rented to Guests, you have no business there. Don't stop by, unless you have an agreement with the guest about this beforehand. Don't enter the garden or pool area unless you have a specific agreement with the Guest. Never enter the house, even if the guests are not home - this is considered a violation of privacy and impacts negatively.
If there is housekeeping, a gardener or maintenance person who will need to visit the property during a Guest's stay, inform the Guest during check-in so they are aware.

Security and safety

Security and safety are important considerations and should be communicated with each Guest so that they are aware of your emphasis on this.

  • Meet regulations - ensure your property meets government and safety codes for your area.
  • Electrical safety - fix any exposed wires and ensure that all appliances and equipment are properly and safely installed.
  • Hazards - remove all hazards that might cause a Guest to trip or fall or mark these areas clearly.
  • Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors in your property and ensure that these are regularly tested.

We encourage you to provide a clear and detailed description and instructions for using appliances, air-conditioning and heating and have emergency numbers present in the holiday home.

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