At Your.Rentals, we embrace the sharing economy so much so that we don't charge any monthly fees to use our service. Our shared objective with Property Managers is to ensure that you confirm as many bookings as possible.
We've invested a lot into understanding and predicting which listings will convert best. We built Your.Rentals on top of this learning and have converted it into one simple number and four colours.

Listing Quality Score

After you publish a listing, we calculate a single number (out of 100 points) to measure the quality of the listing considering its potential to generate bookings. We call this a Listing Quality Score.
We update the Listing Quality Score when you make changes to your listing content and as data such as occupancy and available dates change.
 You can view the Listing Quality Score for a published listing:

  • When you edit the listing (a small coloured bar at the top of the Listing Editor).
  • From the Listings page (a small coloured bar on your listing photo).
  • On your Insights page

 Listing Quality Scores are categorised into 4 colours:

  • Green (Great!): Your listing is in the top 10% of listings by quality.
  • Blue (Good): Your listing has a good quality score and is higher quality than average.
  • Orange (Average): Your listing will not stand out and may be ranked lower than higher quality listings in sales channels.
  • Red (poor): Your listing has a lower than average quality score and may not show on some sales channels.

Why improve Listing Quality Score?

Most sales channels rank listings in their search results according to different quality metrics and their historical booking conversion rates. Some sales channels will not even show poor quality listings.
If your listing is in the top 10% of listings based upon quality, this often leads to it being shown higher in the sales channel search results. Listings that are shown higher in search results are usually booked more often that those on page 89 of search results. If your listing has a higher quality score and is booked more often, then it's more likely to appear on the first page of search results. It is worth the effort.

Improving Listing Quality Score

While we don't publish our Listing Quality Score algorithm (a trade secret held closely to our hearts), we provide you with tips to improve your Listing and Account Quality Scores on your Opportunities page.

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