If for some reason you need to remove the listing from all sales channels, this can be done by unlisting the listing.
If you wish to remove your listing from individual sales channels, use the Channel Manager to turn OFF those sales channels.

We usually advise against unlisting your property, as it means you'll lose your channel connections and it can sometimes take a while for these to be restored when you reactivate your listing. If you want to make your property temporarily unavailable for bookings whilst retaining your channel connections, it's better to Snooze your listing. You can learn more about Snoozing your listing here.

Unlisting your property

  • From the Listings page, click on the button (...) next to the listing you wish to take offline
  • Choose Unlist this property from the drop-down menu.
  • The listing will be removed from all sales channels that you have chosen to be on. However, depending upon individual sales channels, this can take a few days.
  • The listing however will not be able to receive Booking requests or Bookings while it is Unlisted.

You can get your listing back online at any time by publishing it again.

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