Since many sales channels don't support all extra types, we've included some Extras as Default extras that we can communicate to sales channels, and Optional extras which can be ordered by the Guest after booking and within 7 days of the check-in date.


Cleaning is a key Extra that should be provided by all Property Managers. Based upon feedback from sales channels, cleaning is only payable upon booking so that the Guest is aware of all mandatory costs while booking.
Our analysis has shown that listings with Cleaning included in the rental price (rather than specified as an extra charge) have a higher booking conversion rate.

Adding Cleaning

On the Extras page in the Listing Builder, check the box Cleaning is provided.

Choose whether Cleaning is:

  • Mandatory - included: ie. you provide cleaning and it is included in the Rental rate already
  • Mandatory - for a fee: ie. you provide the cleaning but there is an additional fee that is added to the Rental rate at time of booking.
  • Optional: you provide cleaning, and the Guest can choose whether to order and pay for cleaning (paid on spot) or perform the final cleaning themselves.

If you selected Mandatory - for a fee or Optional enter the price you charge for cleaning.

If you don't provide cleaning, and the Guest must perform the final cleaning themselves, you should not check the 'Cleaning is provided' box.

Security deposit

Some Property Managers would like to hold a Security deposit from the Guest in case anything is broken or damaged in the property during the rental period.
To find out how Security deposits work, click here.

Adding a Security deposit

  • On the Extras page in the Listing Builder, check the box I require a Security deposit.
  • Enter the amount you require as a Security deposit.

Local taxes

In some towns or regions, Property Managers must register guests and collect tourist taxes upon check-in. Remember that it is your responsibility to comply with all local laws and understand local regulations.
When you add local tax requirements, we'll notify the Guest when they book, and they'll pay you upon check-in.

Adding a Local taxes

  • On the Extras page in the Listing Builder, check the box Guests need to pay local taxes.
  • Choose the fee basis which matches your needs.
  • Enter the price depending upon the fee basis you chose (you can add decimal places here).

Optional extras and services

If you provide additional extras and services to your Guests (whether paid or free), you can add them here.
We'll communicate to the Guest that these are available upon booking, and the Guest can order these extras and services from their Booking Details page after booking and up to 7 days before check-in.
Once a guest has made an order for extras and services (or updated their order), we'll notify you by email.
Note: if Cleaning is an Optional extra, you should select Optional and define a price in the Cleaning section at the top of the page.

Adding an Optional extra or service

  • On the Extras page in the Optional extras and services section, click card Add extra.
  • Choose the Extra/service that you'd like to add *
  • Choose whether the extra is provided Free or For a fee
  • If For a fee, choose the Fee basis and enter a Price.
  • Click Add extra
  • A new card will appear defining the extra.

 * If you have a requirement for an extra or service that is not listed, please suggest it by email and mention it in your text description.

Editing an Optional extra or service

  • Click Edit in the card for the Extra/service that you'd like to edit
  • Make your adjustments
  • Click Save extra
  • The card will be updated.

Deleting an Optional extra or service

  • Click the Delete icon  on the Extras card that you wish to delete.
  • Confirm your action.
  • Your cards will be updated to reflect your change.
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