Set your Advance notice and Guest Cancellation policy to provide clear booking rules for your Guests.

Advance notice

Choose how many days before check-in you'll allow your Guests to book, and we'll make sure you don't have a surprise Guest turning up on your doorstep.
 For example: when choosing At least 3 days notice, we'll not allow bookings to be made less than 3 days before the requested check-in time and date.

Guest cancellation policy

For full details about Guest cancellation policies, refer to this article.
The stricter your Guest cancellation policy, the more impact it will have on your booking conversion.
We apply the Guest cancellation policy to a booking at the time of booking (for Instant Booking) and time of request (for Request booking). If you edit your Guest cancellation policy, the new selected policy will apply to all future Bookings and Booking Requests.

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