To ensure you have set your rates correctly, you can view your nightly rates in the Calendar.
The nightly rates shown are calculated from the applicable Basic rates and/or Special rates rules. It does not include Discounts for longer stays because these are calculated dynamically when a guest selects their chosen dates.
 The rate shown depends upon the Rates preference you have selected:

  • If you input Gross amounts (price to guest) - you will see the amount the guest will pay for each night.

  • If you input Net amounts (payout to you) - you will see the payout amount you would receive for each night.

If you would like to simulate an actual search and price quote for specific dates / number of guests, you can go to the Listing Preview page and use the price/calendar tool to see both the price paid by the Guest and the Payout due for a simulated booking.
If you are not seeing the Rates that you expect, please contact Support to assist you.

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