The Bookings overview page provides you with a clear summary of your Bookings and Booking requests. You can access the page by clicking Bookings in the top menu.
The Bookings section is organised into 2 pages: Active and Archived.

Booking statuses

Your Booking requests and Confirmed bookings move through a number of statuses in their life-cycle.

Booking Requests

Active bookings and requests

Active bookings and requests are those that you are most interested to see right now.

  • Confirmed: Instant bookings or Accepted Request bookings before check-in.
  • In progress: Between check-in and check-out time.
  • Cool-off: The 48 hour period after check-out when we accept Disputes.
  • Completed: After the cool-off period as long as there are no Disputes registered.
  • Cancelled: The Guest or you have cancelled the booking.

Archived bookings and requests

We automatically archive completed bookings, cancelled bookings, declined requests 7 days after they reach that status.
You're able to access older bookings and requests in the Archive.

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