The Bookings overview page provides you with a clear summary of your Bookings and Booking requests. You can access the page by clicking Bookings in the top menu.
The Bookings section is organised into 2 pages: Active and Archived.

Booking statuses

Your Booking requests and Confirmed bookings move through a number of statuses in their life-cycle.

Booking Requests

  • Pending: The Guest has made their Booking request and you have not Accepted or Declined the booking.
  • Accepted: Once accepted, a Booking request becomes a Confirmed booking (see below).
    Find out how to accept a booking request here.
  • Declined: You have Declined the booking request.
    Find out how to decline a booking request here.
  • Expired: Should you fail to Accept or Reject a Booking request within 24 hours, it will be automatically Declined and reach Expired status.

Active bookings and requests

Active bookings and requests are those that you are most interested to see right now.

  • Confirmed: Instant bookings or Accepted Request bookings before check-in.
  • In progress: Between check-in and check-out time.
  • Cool-off: The 48 hour period after check-out when we accept Disputes.
  • Completed: After the cool-off period as long as there are no Disputes registered.
  • Cancelled: The Guest or you have cancelled the booking.

Archived bookings and requests

We automatically archive completed bookings, cancelled bookings, declined requests 7 days after they reach that status.
You're able to access older bookings and requests in the Archive.

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