By booking with Your.Rentals, guests have agreed to act in accordance with our Rental Terms for Guests. If you believe that the guest has failed to uphold this agreement it is important that you report a problem.

In the unlikely event that you have a dispute with your Guest you're able to Report a problem in the 48 hour period after check-out (we call this the Cool-off period).

You must report any issues as soon as possible.

Reporting a problem

Firstly, try to resolve the dispute directly with the Guest. This is usually the simplest way to ensure that your Guest is satisfied and will not leave negative reviews.
 In the event that you cannot resolve the issue, you should Report a problem.

  1. Log-in to your Your.Rentals account.
  2. Navigate to the Bookings section.
  3. Find the relevant booking, and click the link Report a problem.
  4. Fill in the form which is sent to our support team.
  5. Wait for email contact from our support team.

How are problems resolved?

We'll communicate with the Guest and yourself, often requesting more information and proof of the issue. Within 7 days, we will make a final decision which believe to be fair towards both parties. If you have set a Security deposit for your listing (before the booking was created), we'll recover any agreed payment from the Guest and pay it to you.


We advise you to gather evidence of the problem where possible. The type of evidence needed will depend on the nature of the issue. In cases where a guest has caused damage to the property ensure you take photos to document this. We recommend you keep records of all communication between yourself and the guest in case there is a disagreement regarding the nature of the booking.

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