Customer satisfaction is critical to running a successful holiday rentals business. Happy customers will return, refer friends and relatives and leave you glowing reviews. Learning how to excel in dealing with customer complaints and disputes will ensure your customers leave satisfied.

Where and how to deal with complaints

You may receive a complaint verbally, after the booking or in a review left by a Guest.

In the case that the Guest reports a problem with the booking within 24 hours of check-in your Payout will be put on hold until the dispute is resolved.
When dealing with a complaint, try to first imagine the Guest's side of the story. If you arrived to a holiday home with your family and found the property not clean, would you not expect that there was a compensation made? Try to put yourself in their place and remember that it is possible to turn a bad experience into a good experience, depending on the way a complaint case is handled.
If it gets to the stage that the Guest registers a formal dispute after the stay, you can see the complaint made by the guest and you can also respond to them and explain. It is also possible here, to make a partial refund to the Guest, by using the Refund function. Often, a complaint is solved with a nice and understandable explanation or maybe a small amount refunded.
Remember that by using Your.Rentals you have an obligation to act in accordance with the Terms & Conditions to which you agreed when creating your account.

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