It's very important that you upload high quality photos to maximise your chances of receiving bookings.

Find out how to upload photos here.

Follow these general recommendations to ensure that your photos meet the strict requirements of all sales channels.

If you do not meet these requirements you may be unable to upload your listing, or may find that your listing is removed from sales channels.

  • The right number of photos: Ensure that you have enough photos of the best selling points of your property. You must upload a minimum of 10 photos. We recommend at least 20 photos for a 2 bedroom house with garden, and more photos for larger properties.
  • Format: You can upload JPG, JPEG or PNG files.
  • Resolution matters: Take photos that are at least 2048 x 1536 pixels although we recommend that you upload larger photos. When in doubt, a bigger photo is better.
  • Landscape format: Ensure photos are in landscape/horizontal format. Vertical photos won’t showcase your property as well, and many rentals websites do not allow them.
  • Ownership: You must not upload photos that you do not own or have legal permission to distribute
  • Local area: Take photos of key sights and lifestyle photos from the local area. Do not copy other people’s photos from other websites or you may find yourself with a lawsuit.
  • Content: Your photos must not contain inappropriate content and should accurately reflect the property as guests would expect to find it

However, the best performing properties don't just meet these requirements - they exceed them! 😎

We've collected some of the wisdom we've picked up over the years and put together some handy guides on how to take the best possible photos.

Read more about taking great photos here, or check out our blog articles at the bottom of the page. 👇

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