First impressions are everything, and what’s worse than a potential guest seeing a bad image of your property?

To avoid a bad first impression, use the following simple tips for taking great property photos that will make it stand out and catch the eye of more travellers. The more time they spend looking at your photos the better, because they’ll be more likely to book if they like what they see! 😎

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Before you take any photos, make sure your scene is clean and tidy. Showing a bed that is not made or having too many objects on a table will distract from the main purpose and design of the room. 


In order to avoid a negative distortion of the room, try taking photos with a wide angle lens that can capture the whole scene. Also, shooting from the door will help to gain some space and include all the room’s facilities. You control what your viewer sees, so avoid focusing too much on single objects such as fruit as it will limit the amount of information you show. 


One of the most important aspects of photography is lighting, and great light can change a photo completely. Your room will look its best when you use natural light. Early in the morning at sunrise or later in the day at sunset are the best times to take photos as they offer a warm light. 


The resolution of a photo merely represents the number of pixels a photo contains, and even though it doesn’t say as much about the quality of the scene as the previous points it still matters. Photos with a high pixel count are a lot sharper and show a lot more detail. They are also preferred by many channels, as they retain their sharpness after resizing. 

You don’t need a professional camera to take high resolution photos. Any recent smartphone is able to take photos with a high enough resolution. We recommend photos with a minimum size of 2048 x 1536. 

Let’s take some great photos and impress your viewers! 😀

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