If you haven't updated your seasonal rates, your listing will be automatically paused so you don't receive bookings at the wrong price. When you're ready to get back online, just follow the instructions below.

If your listing was paused due to missing rates:

  • Log-in to Your.Rentals. You may see a pop-up informing you that your listings are paused.
  • Go to your Listings Page. You'll see an alert at the top of the screen and next to each paused listing prompting you to fix your seasonal rates.
  • Click one of these alerts
  • You can update your seasonal rates either by Creating a new season or copying past seasons.
  • Alternatively, you can confirm that you have no seasonal rates because your basic rates are valid all year round

You need to do this for all of your paused listings.

If you don't know your seasonal rates for next year yet, that's fine. Your listings will remain offline until you're ready to add your seasonal rates.

Once you have updated your seasonal rates, you will be able to Publish your listing. We'll start sharing it to rentals websites as soon as possible.

The change will be made immediately in Your.Rentals system, however the time taken for your listing to be reactivated in selected sales channels varies.

Once this is done be sure to Update your calendar to make sure your availability is correct on rentals websites.

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