As with any business, it's really important that we protect our customers (and ourselves) from potential fraud or misuse. Because of this, we sometimes need to verify accounts to ensure that people are who they claim to be.

We have a separate verification process for those who wish to upgrade from a Personal to a Business or Pro plan.

Why am I being asked to verify my account?

If you've received an email from us asking you to verify your account it doesn't mean that you've done anything wrong. We just want a few details to make sure no-one is trying to use your details fraudulently, and that any communication or payouts we send to you will go to the right person.

What happens when I receive a verification request?

A verification request means that our Account team are looking into your account or listings. Because of this, your listings may be temporarily paused by Your.Rentals. Your listings will be offline until you have completed the verification process, so you won't be able to receive bookings until this is done.

Any bookings that you've already received will not be cancelled, so you should still expect to receive the guests as planned unless we tell you otherwise. However, payouts for these bookings will be held until the verification process is complete. This means that you won't receive your payouts until this is done.

What do I need to do?

Getting verified is really simple and only takes a couple of minutes. You'll need to digitally upload some documents using our secure online form. We use standard industry procedure for this, so we ask for:

  • An ID document such as a passport or driving licence
  • A property document such as a deed or utility bill

We need these so that we know that you have the legal right to rent the property. 

Your documents will never be shared with any other party. Any documents you send will be stored for a period of two weeks and then destroyed.

We require you to respond promptly to the email request. If you do not respond, you will receive a reminder email a few days later.

What happens if I don't do it?

If you don't complete verification or you fail to respond to the request email, your existing listings may be taken offline and you will be unable to publish new ones. You will not be able to receive new bookings, but you are still obliged to honour bookings you have already received.
You will be unable to receive payouts during this time, so any money you earn will be held until the verification process is complete.
Under extreme circumstances, we reserve the right to terminate your account.

This is in accordance with the Terms & Conditions you agreed to when you signed up, which states that you agree to "Provide proof of your identity and legal right to advertise and offer for booking any accommodation described by Listings in your account upon our request".

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