Once you've got your listing built and published, we'll start sharing it to your selected channels. Now it's time to learn about another great feature of Your.Rentals - the calendar tool 😎

In this collection you'll learn all about how the calendar overview works, why it's important to keep your calendar up to date and how to do it.
You'll find out how to manage instant and request bookings in your calendar, and how to manually add bookings or block dates.

We've also got a special collection dedicated to our nifty Calendar Sync feature, which lets you update your calendar on all websites automatically, so if you're already managing your listing on another site you should check out that collection 👍

I hope these articles prove helpful in getting you up and running with the calendar tool. If there are any problems, feel free to get in touch! Your feedback makes Your.Rentals better 🤝

Good luck and happy booking!

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