Many local authorities now require property managers to apply for a Rental Licence Number in order to be allowed to rent out their property. In many cases, this is a legal requirement for renting and must be displayed on the listing on sales channels.

Sales channels are not allowed to publish your listings without this information. This means you will not be able to publish your listing online or receive bookings until you have added your licence number.

How do I add my licence number? 

  1. Log into Your.Rentals and go to your listings page 
  2. Select a listing and press the edit icon
  3. Click basic details and enter your Rental Licence Number in the box indicated 
  4. Publish your listing
  5. Repeat this process for all of your listings
  6. If you have more than one listing for a property with the same Rental Licence Number, you should enter the details on each listing. 

Do I need to add a Rental Licence Number?

It is your responsibility to follow all of your local laws and regulations. We strongly advise that you conduct your own research to determine whether you are required to add a Rental Licence Number. The following links are provided as a guide, but we are not responsibility for the accuracy of their information.

These links are not exhaustive and may be subject to change.





Proposed changes to holiday rental licence laws in Spain:


Canary Islands







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