Many property managers have websites or Facebook pages for their business, but they don't provide online booking. This means that when a guest contacts them to enquire about a property, they have no way of capturing the booking online. Instead they have to send the guest to a sales channel or online travel agent and hope that they make the booking. Often the property manager then has to pay commission to the sales channel on that booking.

With Direct Booking Offers in Your.Rentals, you can eliminate sales channel commission and collect bookings directly from guests!

Here's how it works: 

  1. A guest makes an enquiry for a property through your website, Facebook, phone, email or other method.
  2. Create an offer for the property in Your.Rentals with the guest info, dates and price you choose.
  3. The guest will receive an email with a secure online booking payment link
  4. We'll collect the payment from your guest and send you your payout according to your plan
  5. There's no sales channel commission. You only pay the Your.Rentals service fee.

Once the offer has been created you can chat to your guest using the Your.Rentals inbox!

Go to your Offers page to get started!

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