Depending on the channel through which you receive a booking, your guest may be able to leave you a review. Where possible, we'll share this review with you.

We want you to receive as many bookings and have as many satisfied guests as possible, so we'll let you know if your guest thinks you can improve.

Some channels will pause listings that receive too many negative reviews. Each channel calculates this figure differently. For example, Airbnb will suspend listings for 5 days if the overall rating drops below 90% of global listings.
If your listing has been suspended you'll be able to see this in your Channel Manager page.

Usually listings that are suspended due to negative reviews will be back online in a few days. However, if you continue to receive negative reviews some channels may permanently pause some or all of your listings.

We will always work with you to help keep your listings online. If you're receiving too many negative reviews, we will do our best to help you fix the problem so you can keep connecting to channels. However, we do reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend listings or accounts that receive too many negative reviews from guests.

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