With Insights from Your.Rentals, you can easily see how your listings are performing, understand your competition and find out how to improve your listings and increase your booking conversion.

Select your listing using the selector at the top of the page. Insights is only available for published listings.


The Overview page gives you a quick breakdown of how your listing is doing. You can see how many bookings you've had recently and how much your listing has earned. You'll also see your Listing Quality Score. This is a calculation of many different factors which determine the overall quality of a listing. The higher your listing quality score, the higher your listing will rank in sales channel searches and the higher your chances of receiving a booking.
Learn more about Listing Quality Score here.


Perhaps the most important part of Insights is the Opportunities page. This shows you specific actions you can take to optimise the performance of your listing. By completing Opportunities, you'll increase your Listing Quality Score and your chances of receiving a booking.

So that you know exactly what to focus on we'll show you your top five most important opportunities. These are the things that will make the biggest difference to your listing performance. To temporarily dismiss an opportunity, press the 'x'.


The Analytics page lets you see how your listing compares to similar properties in your location. You'll be able to see the average occupancy rate and forecast occupancy for the area. We'll also show you a breakdown of listing Booking Rules, including cancellation policy and minimum stay requirements.

🎓Learn how to analyse your Occupancy to improve your business

How are Analytics calculated?

Analytics data is provided by AirDNA, one of the most trusted data companies in the vacation rentals industry, with data from over 10 million vacation rental listings. AirDNA shows data for properties that are similar to yours based on factors such as location and number of bedrooms. In cases where there are not enough similar properties data may be unavailable.

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