When you have a Direct Booking Widget on your website, your guests can make online bookings and payments for your properties. You won't pay sales channel commission on Direct Bookings, so you keep a greater share of the revenue.

You can also offer Promo Codes for your guests. Promo Codes are a great way of increasing bookings during low periods, or encouraging repeat bookings from happy customers. When a guest makes a Direct Booking, they can enter the Promo Code online and we'll apply the conditions to their booking.

How do Promo Codes work?

There are three types of Promo Code available in Your.Rentals: Fixed Amount, Percentage and Free Extra.

  • A Fixed Amount Promo means your guest price will be reduced by the monetary amount that you choose, for example, 20€.
  • A Percentage Promo means your guest price will be reduced by a certain percentage, for example 10%.
  • A Free Extra Promo is a way for you to offer additional services such as Free Parking or Airport Transfer. 

There is no limit to the amount of times a code can be used, but each code can only be used once per guest per booking. A guest can only enter one code per booking.

Promo Codes only apply to Direct Bookings. That means they only apply to bookings received through your website, not bookings received through channels such as Airbnb or Tripadvisor.

What happens if I already have a discount?

You might already be applying Long Stay, Early Bird or Last Minute discounts to your bookings. It's only possible to use one discount at a time, so if multiple discounts apply to a booking, only the highest value one will be applied.
For example, if you set a 10% Early Bird discount for bookings made more than 6 months in advance, and a Promo Code only gives the guest a 5% discount, then only the 10% Early Bird discount would apply to the booking.

How do I create Promo Codes?

To create a Promo Code, go to your Direct Booking page and select the listing you'd like the code to apply to. You can apply it to multiple listings later on if you like.

Your Promo Code can be up to 6 characters long. You could use a random string of numbers and letters if you want to make a personalised code for an individual person, or pick something more general like "SUMMER" for periodic promotions.

When you create a Promo Code you can select a start and expiration date if you choose. This is the time period during which guests will be able to enter the code. After the expiration date, the code will no longer be valid and any discounts or offers won't apply to new bookings.

Good to know!💡 The dates you select for Promo Codes refer to the dates during which guests can enter the code when making a booking. The booking itself could be for any dates in the future, as long as your property is available.

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