If a listing is Snoozed it means that it's still connected to your selected sales channels, but the calendar is closed for new bookings.

How do listings get snoozed?

There are two ways to snooze a listing. You can either do it yourself, or it may be snoozed as a result of calendar inactivity.

Snoozing my listings

If you need to prevent your listings from receiving a booking for a period of time, the best thing to do in most cases is to snooze that listing. The listing will stay connected to your chosen channels, but guests won't be able to book it until the snooze ends. This is usually a better choice than unlisting your property, which means taking it offline completely. Reactivating an unlisted or paused listing involves sending it to the sales channel again, which can sometimes take a while and means your listing won't be able to be seen by guests until this process is complete.

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Listings snoozed due to inactivity

If you don't update your calendar for a while, we'll temporarily snooze your listing to prevent you from receiving bookings that you might then need to cancel. Your listing will remain connected to sales channels for another 35 days, but guests won't be able to make a booking during this time. This is to give you a chance to update your calendar without losing your channel connection. If you don't update your calendar during this time, your listing will then be paused, which means it will be removed from sales channels until you choose to reactivate it.

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