View Booking imported via Calendar Sync

How do I view a booking I received from another website in my Your.Rentals calendar?

If you have set up your Calendar Sync to import bookings from other calendars, these will show in your Your.Rentals Calendar.
Because all web servers operate a little differently, sometimes it can take a little while for bookings to appear even if the calendars have been synced successfully. If it looks like the sync didn't work there's no need to panic - just check back in a couple of hours to see if the calendars have been updated. If there are still problems get in touch with our support team at

Viewing Bookings imported via Calendar sync

  • Imported bookings show with a grey colour in the Your.Rentals Calendar.

  • The name of the imported calendar is shown in place of the Guest name.

  • To view the imported booking details, click on the grey booking in your Calendar.

  • To edit the Booking details you need to do in the source calendar. On the next sync, the booking details will be updated in the Your.Rentals Calendar.

  • To delete the booking you need to do in the source calendar. On the next sync, the booking will be removed from the Your.Rentals Calendar.

If an imported booking is cancelled or deleted on its original calendar, it will be removed from your Your.Rentals calendar the next time the calendars sync.