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Importing Google Calendar to Your.Rentals

How do I add my Google Calendar to Your.Rentals?

If you'd like to get started by importing your Google Calendar to Your.Rentals, follow the steps below. Google Calendar is a little trickier than most others, because you need to first ensure that your calendar is public, meaning that our calendar server can access it.

Make your Google Calendar public and copy the iCal URL

  1. Open your Google Calendar

  2. Click on the Settings icon, then choose Settings.

  3. From the Calendar Settings page, click on the Calendars menu. If you have multiple calendars, click on the correct calendar.

  4. From the Calendar details page, click on Share this Calendar

  5. Check the boxes to Share this calendar and Make this calendar public - this makes the calendar URL available to other systems.

  6. Go to the Calendar Details tab, and click the green ICAL button next to Calendar Address

  7. Copy the URL to your clipboard

Import your Google Calendar to Your.Rentals

  1. Log-in to Your.Rentals and open the correct Calendar page for the same property

  2. Click on the Calendar Sync button

  3. Select the Import a Calendar from another site option.

  4. Paste the Calendar URL you copied from Google Calendar, and give your calendar a name "Google calendar" would work fine!

  5. Click the Import button.

  6. The calendar will automatically import and update your reservations from your Google Calendar - you will see them immediately in your calendar and our systems will check every hour for any changes to your Google Calendar.

Note: Some channels like AirBnB, TripAdvisor... only send out bookings made via their site, not bookings imported to their calendar, so if you publish your listing on more than one channel, please import all of your calendars to your Your.Rentals Calendar. If you want to simplify the way you manage your calendar, please check out our blog post on Calendar sync strategy.
If you prefer watching us show you how, please check this video tutorial showing you how to import different calendars to Your.Rentals Calendars: