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Changing your currency

How do I change the currency of my rates or payouts?

Your account currency determines the currency in which you set your Rates, and the currency that we calculate and transfer your Payouts in.
This means that the currency which is displayed to guests is the same in which you will receive your payouts. It is not currently possible to display one currency to guests and receive your payout in another.

If you would like to change your account currency, please be aware that you should plan this carefully.

When you change your account currency (in this example from EUR to CHF), the following happens:

  • All Rates (Basic and Seasonal rates) that you originally set in EUR will be converted to CHF at the current day exchange rate.

  • Your payouts for all confirmed bookings that have not yet been paid out will be recalculated from EUR to CHF.

  • All future payouts, will be paid to you in CHF to the bank account you have specified in your Payout methods.

  • You will still be able to see past payouts in the Old currency that they were originally paid in.

WARNING: Please be aware that if you change your currency your listings will be deactivated until you manually reactivate them

How to change your account currency:

  1. Login to your account.

  2. From the Edit profile page, click the "Change currency" link.

  3. Select your New currency and Save.

  4. Review the Basic Rates and Seasonal Rates for each of your listings and ensure that your rates are correct in your new currency.

  5. Use the Preview listing feature to double check that your rates are correct in your new currency.

  6. IMPORTANT: From the Listings page, reactivate your Listings!

  7. Check your payout method bank account - if you have a different bank account to receive payments in your New currency, you should delete the old payout method, and add this new one to ensure your payments are received in the New currency.