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Reactivate my listing: Calendar

My listing was paused due to an out of date calendar. How do I get it back online?

If your listing was paused due to an out of date calendar:

Log-in to Your.Rentals. You may see a pop-up informing you that your listings are paused. You'll need to confirm that you understand our Calendar Policy and that you agree to keep your calendars updated in the future before you can continue.

Go to your Listings Page. You'll see an alert at the top of the screen and next to each paused listing prompting you to fix your calendar.
Click on one of these alerts.

You'll be guided through how to update your calendar by manually adding a booking, or blocking unavailable dates, synchronising your calendar or just confirming that your calendar is up to date.
Once you've updated your calendar, you just need to click the Reactivate my listing button to get your listing back online.

You need to do this for all of your paused listings.

The changes will be made immediately in Your.Rentals system, however the time taken for your listing to be reactivated in selected sales channels might vary.