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Booking Boost

What is Booking Boost and how does it work?

We know how important bookings are to our users. That's why you might see a reference to something called Booking Boost on your account or in emails from Your.Rentals. Booking Boost is our way of helping you get those all-important bookings.

How does it work? 

Usually, we take a percentage of the guest payment amount to cover our costs and those of the sales channel.
With Booking Boost, we won't take a penny for ourselves.

Instead of taking our usual fees, we’ll pass this on as a discount to your guests, making your property appear cheaper when they search on sales channels.

It’s no secret that cheaper prices will make guests more likely to book. Not only will your property appear cheaper to guests, but we’ll also display the new price as a discount in supported sales channels, meaning your guests will know they’re getting a bargain!

Listings with Booking Boost are 20% more likely to receive a booking than those without.

You will still receive your usual payout amount.

After you've received a Booking Boost booking, your prices will revert to their usual rate.

Why am I being offered a Booking Boost?

We want to help you get as many bookings as possible. Listings that have received bookings appear higher in search results in sales channels and are more likely to receive another booking!

What do I need to do?

If you're eligible for a Booking Boost, you'll see an icon on your dashboard. Clicking that "read more here" link will tell you more about the specific terms of your offer. For example, your Booking Boost offer might expire after a certain date, so it's worth checking out what you need to do.

Booking Boost can only be applied to active listings. That means that any listings that are offline will need to be reactivated before they will receive a Booking Boost.
Find out how to reactivate your listings here.

How much discount will guests receive?

Your discount depends on your Service and Channel Fees. Most guests will receive a discount of 20%.

Anything else?

Booking Boost can only be applied once. If you cancel a booking, Booking Boost will not be applied again.
Booking Boost sometimes cannot be applied to listings in certain channels. This means that your listings will be displayed at their usual price on those sites. If your first booking is received through one of these channels, your Booking Boost offer is still valid until you receive a booking through another channel.

Booking Boost offers are subject to Terms & Conditions that are available to view through a link on the dashboard and via email. We reserve the right to change or cancel this offer at any time.