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How to connect your Minut with Your.Rentals

Minut is a home monitoring system that enables property managers to monitor noise, occupancy, temperature and more. 

If you do not have a Minut account or sensor yet, get started with ordering your Minut Sensor. In case you already own a Minut Sensor and want to integrate via Your.Rentals - proceed to step five.

Step one: Login

Log in to your account at Your.Rentals and navigate to Tools > Home Monitoring.

Step two: Talk to us

You will see the benefits of having Minut as your home monitoring system. If you want to understand more, you can click the “Let’s talk” button and one of our account managers will reach out to you. 

Step three: Start your order process

Our account manager will understand your needs in home monitoring and recommend a plan for you. After you sign an agreement, you will be brought to this page to finish the order. 

Click “Order now” to finish the order where you will be redirected to Minut to make the payment.

Step four: Place your order

Choose the Pro plan, choose how many Minut Homes (one home per one property), choose how many Minut Sensors you need for each Home (each property). Then click “Checkout”. The first sensor of each home is free!

Notes: In order to connect your Minut account with Your.Rentals account, please choose Pro plan. With the Pro plan and connection, you will be able to: 

  • Send SMS and autocall to your guests directly
  • Generate noise monitoring report for reference
  • See noise monitor graph for each listing
  • Map Minut Homes and Senors to your listings

Step five: Connect accounts

After you complete the payment on Minut, please come back to Your.Rentals app > Tools > Home Monitoring. Please click “Connect accounts to continue. 

Or if you have a Minut account and you want to connect, please follow the steps below. 

Step six: Authenticate on Minut

You will be redirected to your Minut. A new page will open where you can approve the connection.

If you are not logged in to your Minut account, you will be offered the option to log in.

If you are logged in to your Minut account, you will see the below page and please click “Accept”. 

Step seven: Install the sensor in your rental

After you have connected your Minut and Your.Rentals accounts, you will be taken to the Minut Setup page in Your.Rentals app. 

If you have not already installed and configured the Minut Sensor in your rental, the Minut Setup page will look like this. Wait for the delivery of your Minut Sensor and install it according to the enclosed step-by-step instructions. You can also find instructions in this explanatory video or on the Minute-Support page

Step eight: Create link

As soon as you install your Minut Sensor, the Minut setup page will automatically show your Minut Home. On the left, the list shows the name of your Minut Home. To connect the home to your listing, click on “+ Create link”.

Step nine: Select the matching listing

Search and match the listing to the Minut Home and click “Create link”.

Congratulations! Now your Minut Homes are well connected with Your.Rentals. You are now ready to monitor your properties. 

Bonus: You can easily download the noise report per each listing, by clicking the “Download report” button on the right of the Minut Overview page. This is a very handy report for you to show to owners, neighbours or guests.