Adjusting your rates for Direct Bookings

How do I charge different prices on Channels vs Direct?

As well as receiving bookings through Channels like Airbnb or Expedia, you can receive Direct Bookings, meaning they come directly from your guests.

For example, guests may make a booking using a Booking Widget you installed on your website, via a booking link you shared on Social Media, or through a personalised Booking Offer you created.

Many Property Managers like Direct Bookings because they aren't subject to Channel Fees, so you keep a greater share of the revenue.

You can adjust your rates for Direct Bookings so that your prices are more competitive with Channels. For example, you can charge slightly more for your listing on Airbnb to encourage guests to book directly with you instead.

How do I adjust my rates for Direct Bookings?

To adjust your Direct Booking rates, go to your Account Settings page and select Adjust rates for Direct Booking. You can set a reduction of up to 50% for Direct Bookings. We recommend reducing your rates by up to 15% for Direct Bookings to encourage guests to book with you instead of via a channel. Guests will see your new lower prices when you share a Your.Rentals booking link, and on any booking widgets or Your.Rentals Websites you have.

This change will affect all of your current listings, as well as any you add in the future. This reduction will be applied alongside any special offers, such as Promo Codes or Discounts.

How else can I improve my Direct Bookings?

To make your Direct Bookings more competitive, you can create a custom Booking Offer and send it to potential guests. Or you could create a Promo Code which guests can use to get a discount or a free extra when they book directly with you. Remember to share your listing booking page via social media or email to maximise the number of guests that see your property.