DAC7 Privacy Notice (for non-users)

Please note that this Notice applies to non-users of Your.Rentals who reside in the EU, or who receive income from property listing(s) located in the EU only.

Your.Rentals is obliged to collect information about Property managers who are registered users with us, for purposes of complying with tax transparency obligations under EU Directive 2021/514 (“DAC7”).

Your.Rentals sometimes receives information about non-users, as further described in our Privacy Policy. 

For example, if you have assigned a Property manager with the responsibility for managing the short-term rental activities on a property that you own, and that Property manager has a Your.Rentals account, that Property manager may have disclosed certain information about you (a non-user) in order to comply with the DAC7 regulation.

In these cases, DAC7 requires Your.Rentals to disclose certain information about the non-user, which has been provided to us by the registered Property manager, such as name and bank account details.

About DAC7 – why is Your.Rentals collecting this data?

DAC7 places a legal obligation on Your.Rentals to share data with the Danish tax authority (Skattestyrelsen) relating to individuals who rent properties via Your.Rentals. For this reason, we ask users who are registered Property managers on Your.Rentals to provide certain tax information, including their name, home address, personal tax number, and the address of the property that is listed on Your.Rentals. Registered Property managers on Your.Rentals are asked not to provide information relating to non-users of Your.Rentals for the purposes of DAC7 compliance. However, while Your.Rentals is not required to collect this information about non-users, Your.Rentals is obliged to disclose to the Danish tax authority (Skattestyrelsen) any relevant information that we hold. If, for example, Your.Rentals has already been provided with the name and bank account details of non-users who earn an income through Your.Rentals, we are obliged to disclose this information to Danish tax authority (Skattestyrelsen) in order to comply with our legal obligations under DAC7.

How do we use a non-user’s information for DAC7 compliance?

Information provided to Your.Rentals for DAC7 compliance, including, if applicable, payments information provided in respect of relevant non-users, will be shared with the Danish tax authority (Skattestyrelsen), every January. The first report will be made by Your.Rentals in January 2024, in respect of the 2023 calendar year. Your.Rentals does not use this information for its own purposes.

What is our legal basis for this processing?

Our legal basis for this processing is in order to comply with a legal obligation, namely DAC7.

How long will we retain non-user information?

Your.Rentals will retain tax information for as long as required in order to fulfil its obligations under DAC7.

How can non-users exercise their data subject rights?

Data subjects have the right to erase, rectify, access, and port their information. Data subjects have the right to object to processing where this processing is carried out on the basis of our legitimate interests.

If you believe that Your.Rentals is processing data about you, and you do not have an Your.Rentals account, please visit this page to exercise any of these rights.