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Importing popular calendars to Your.Rentals

How do I add my calendar from sites like Airbnb, Booking.com or Google Calendar to Your.Rentals?

Import other calendars which support iCalendar export (such as HomeAway/Vrbo, Airbnb and Google Calendar) to your Your.Rentals Calendar and synchronise your bookings across platforms. Read our guide by clicking on the link here below to know where to find the calendar URL on other popular sites.

Note: Some channels like AirBnB, TripAdvisor... only send out bookings made via their site, not bookings imported to their calendar, so if you publish your listing on more than one channel, please import all of your calendars to your Your.Rentals Calendar. If you want to simplify the way you manage your calendar, please check out our blog post on Calendar sync strategy.