Snoozing your calendar for future dates

How do I close my calendar without taking it permanently offline?

Sometimes you may need to snooze your calendar for dates in the future, so that guests are not able to request or book your property after a certain date.
Snoozing means that your listing remains connected to sales channels, but the calendar is closed for new bookings.
It is often better to snooze your listing rather than unlist it, as unlisting can mean it takes longer for your listing to be reactivated on sales channels when you're ready to receive bookings again. By snoozing the listing, you retain the connection to the channel.
 Reasons that you may need to "snooze" or close your calendar:

  • You are a property manager and have a contract to rent a property only to a certain date

  • You do not wish to accept bookings so far into the future

  • You plan to sell your property after a certain date

  • You have sold your property with closing date in the future

  • You don't currently know what rates you wish to set in the future

If you wish to make your property unavailable for a specific period of time, you can do that by blocking dates in your calendar.
Read how to block dates here.

Reminders to re-open your calendar

Keeping your calendar closed means that your property will be de-listed from many sales channels. We will remind you by email before your calendar closes in case you plan to re-open it.