Calendar Sync: FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Your.Rentals Calendar Sync feature and the terminology we use

What is Calendar Sync?

We use “Calendar Sync” (or “Calendar Synchronisation”) to refer to the process through which your digital calendars are linked so that bookings that are added to one calendar will also appear in another.

What do you mean by existing calendars?

Some users already have listings on rentals websites such as HomeAway/Vrbo or Airbnb before they sign up with Your.Rentals. These websites will already have calendars that get updated when a booking is received.

What is a primary calendar tool?

Some users manage all their bookings through a single calendar, such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. If you synchronise this with Your.Rentals, any bookings you add to your primary calendar will also appear in your Your.Rentals calendar.

What are primary and secondary calendars?

A primary calendar is the main, central one you use that all the others are synchronised with, such as Google Calendar. A secondary (or source) calendar is any calendar that is synchronised with this, such as HomeAway/Vrbo. You may have multiple secondary calendars, but usually only one primary calendar.

What does import/export mean?

It is important to set up two-way connections between your calendars. When you import a calendar from one source to another, it means that any bookings added to the first source will be sent to the second. You also need to export the second source so that any bookings added to that calendar will be sent to the first.

For example, if you import your Airbnb calendar into Your.Rentals, any bookings made in Airbnb will appear in your Your.Rentals calendar. However, if you want to block dates or add bookings in your Your.Rentals calendar you need to export it to Airbnb. This will update your Airbnb calendar with your Your.Rentals information.

How will I know when I receive an imported booking?

When you receive a booking from another website, you'll be notified by that website. It'll automatically be added to your Your.Rentals calendar. You can find out how that looks by reading this article.

What happens if there is a conflict?

If you've set up Calendar Sync correctly there shouldn't be any conflicts or double bookings. If this happens, it's probably because calendars haven't been synchronised correctly, or because a manual booking is conflicting with an imported booking. You can read more about Calendar Sync conflicts here.

Why hasn't my Calendar updated?

Because all web servers operate a little differently, sometimes it can take a little while for bookings to appear even if the calendars have been synced successfully. If it looks like the sync didn't work there's no need to panic - just check back in a couple of hours to see if the calendars have been updated. If there are still problems get in touch with our support team at

Why has my Calendar Sync failed?

As with any system, sometimes Calendar Sync can fail. This is usually a temporary problem and can be easily resolved. For more information on how to fix a failed sync, read this article.

How do I find the iCal address on a website?

In order to set up Calendar Sync, you need to import calendars from other sites into Your.Rentals by copying and pasting the iCal address. How you access this depends on the website. We've collected guides on how to import and export the most popular calendars which you can check out here.