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Spain - Madrid

The government in Madrid requires by law to register any kind of private holiday homes in the “Registro de Empresas Turísticas” (Register for tourist businesses).
 There is a distinction between “Viviendas de Uso Turístico” which describes any kind of accommodation and “Apartamentos Turísticos” which only include properties that have four or more apartments in the same building.
 In order to apply for the licence, you have to present a “Declaración de Responsable” at the Regional Tourism Agency, including the floor plans signed by a building or architect professional.
 Once you have your inscription number (Rental License number), it must be visible on a plaque being placed on the facade of the property and included in all advertising you do for the property. Failure to include your inscription in your advertising could lead to fines for both owner and advertising channel.

Who should apply?

It is mandatory for all property managers, even if you rent out only one accommodation, to register the accommodation as a rental property.
 You should apply for a licence for a “Vivienda de Uso Turístico”, no matter what type of property it is.
 However, if you manage four or more apartments in the same building, you should apply for a licence for an “Apartamento Turístico”.

Specific rules for Madrid

Currently, there are specific rules for “Viviendas de Uso Turístico” considering the minimum length of stay (these do not apply for the “Apartamentos Turísticos”): Your property must be advertised with a minimum stay of five days and be available from a minimum period of three consecutive months.
 Furthermore, there are specific minimum requirements for “Apartamentos Turísticos” which can be found in the decree.
 Read more about the Holiday Rental regulation for registration of holiday rentals in Madrid here.
 The decree and application can be found here. The application is in the appendix of this document.
 Please note that regulations can easily change. We advise you to check the official pages of your local municipality in order to have the most updated information.