Keeping your calendar up to date

Why do I need an updated Calendar?

What is the Your.Rentals calendar policy?

Your.Rentals has a strict No Open Calendars policy - meaning that we require your calendars to always be up to date and accurately reflect the availability of your properties. This includes adding bookings you received from other websites. This is to ensure you don’t receive bookings for dates in which your property is unavailable.

I haven’t got any new bookings to add. Do I still need to update my calendar?

Yes. Even if you have not received bookings in a while, you are still required to update your calendar regularly. You do this by visiting your calendars page for each listing. You will be asked to confirm that you do not need to add any bookings and that your calendar is up to date. This is so that we know whether a property is genuinely available or just hasn’t had its bookings added yet.
For more information on updating your calendar without adding a new booking, read this article.

Does it matter if I have instant or request booking?

No. Regardless of whether you are listing with Instant booking or Request booking, we require that your calendar is always kept up to date. Even if you are using Instant Booking you need to confirm that the calendar is accurate.

Why does Your.Rentals have this policy?

We have set this policy because if your calendar is not updated, you may receive a booking for dates in which your property is unavailable, leading to a cancellation or a declined request. Your.Rentals will then be penalised by the channel in which the booking was made, and repeated cancellations or declined requests may mean that all of Your.Rentals listings could be taken offline for all customers.

How do I know if I need to update my calendar?

We provide you with different notifications when we think that your calendar may not be up to date.

How do I keep my calendar updated?

We offer various ways for you to block unavailable dates in your calendars:

If you don't have new bookings, you can tell us that your calendar is up to date by following the instructions in this help topic.

I received a notification even though my calendar is up to date

In some cases, you may receive these alerts even if you have not recently confirmed a booking. It's easy for you to tell us that your calendar is up to date by following the instructions in this help topic.

What happens if I don't update my calendar?

In order to ensure you don't receive bookings which then need to be cancelled, if you don't update your calendar for a while it'll be temporarily snoozed. This means that your listing will stay connected to sales channels, but won't be available for bookings. If it's still not updated for 35 days, your listing will be paused, which means it won't be connected to sales channels any more and could take some time to reactivate.