Direct Booking Offers

What are Direct Booking Offers and how do I use them?

When a potential guest:
• Contacts you via email, phone, from your website or Facebook
• Is referred by a previous guest or someone you know
• Wants to book again or extend their stay
• Responds to other marketing or promotions that you do... can use Your.Rentals to convert the enquiry into a confirmed booking!

With Direct Bookings you can create a Booking Offer so that they can book online and pay securely.
Just select some dates on your Calendar and fill out the details.
You can adjust your price up or down if you want to give your guest a special deal, and you can write a personalised message that will be sent to your guest!

What happens after I create an offer?

  • Your selected dates will be temporarily blocked in your calendar so you don't need to worry about double bookings.

  • We'll send an email with your booking offer to your guest. They'll be able to confirm the offer and pay securely using a link in the email.

  • They'll have 24 hours to accept and confirm the booking offer. We'll send them a reminder if they've not confirmed the offer after 12 hours. If they don't confirm within 24 hours, the offer will expire and we'll unblock the dates in your calendar so other guests can book your property.

  • If they have any questions, they can reply to the email and their message will go directly to your Your.Rentals Inbox.

How does the Inbox work?

When you add a booking offer, a conversation will be created in your Offers page. This is where you can message your guest to discuss the offer, and any messages they send will be visible here. We'll let you know via email when you receive a new message from your guest.
You can also make changes to your offer here, for example if you need to change any of the details or dates. You can also extend the offer by 24 hours if you need to give your guest a little more time to confirm the booking.

What happens when a guest accepts an offer?

When a guest accepts your offer it becomes a Booking. The booking will be confirmed when we collect payment from your guest. It'll be added as a confirmed booking in your calendar and you'll be able to view the details in your Bookings page.
If we are unable to collect payment from your guest within 24 hours, the booking will expire and your dates will be unblocked.

How does Payment work?

Your guest will be able to pay securely through Your.Rentals. We accept a variety of bank cards as well as PayPal.
We'll send you your payout according to your plan. If you're on the Basic plan, that's 24 hours after the guest checks in. You won't pay any sales channel commission on this. You only pay the Your.Rentals service fee.
Check your service fee here.

Your.Rentals service fee covers all the costs associated with handling and processing the payment. We also take responsibility for collecting the payment on your behalf so there is no risk to you in cases of fraudulent bookings or declined payments.