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Cancellation Fees

Will I be charged if I cancel a booking?

We charge cancellation fees to Property Managers in the event that they cancel a confirmed booking.
We do everything we can to ensure you have the right tools to never need to cancel a booking. By ensuring that your calendar is always up to date (preferably using our Calendar Sync tool) and that your rates are correctly set for the next 12 months (or calendar closed where you have not finalised rates), more than 95% of all cancellations can be avoided.
In the event that you do need to cancel a confirmed booking, we do not refund the Booking Fee or Service fee that you have been invoiced when the booking was confirmed.
You are clearly notified of applicable cancellation fees when you cancel a booking via our app.

Why is there a cancellation fee?

When you cancel a booking (either a confirmed Instant Booking or accepted Booking request) we incur significant costs. These include payment of commission to the sales channel (which is not refunded), bank fees for accepting and refunding the guest payment and customer support costs for assisting the guest to find alternative accommodation.

Payment of fees

  • If you have future confirmed bookings, we'll debit any accrued cancellation fees from your next Payout.

  • If you do not have future bookings, you will be requested to pay these fees at the time you cancel the booking.

This policy is stated in our Property Manager Terms & Conditions.