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Cancelling a confirmed booking

How do I cancel a booking after it has been confirmed?

Sometimes it is necessary for a Property Manager to Cancel a confirmed booking.
 Confirmed bookings are:

  • An Instant Booking (which our system has automatically accepted).

  • A Booking request that has been Accepted by you.

You can see the status of every Booking and Booking request on the Bookings overview page.

Important note about canceling confirmed bookings

Please note that you will be charged a cancellation fee for canceling a confirmed booking. Please also be aware that canceling confirmed bookings can impact negatively on your Account Quality Score. If you are finding that you are receiving bookings for dates that are already booked, you should use Calendar Sync to ensure that bookings in your other calendars are automatically added to the Your.Rentals Calendar. Alternatively you can manually block unavailable dates in your calendar so that they cannot be booked.

Cancel a confirmed booking

  1. Log-in to your Your.Rentals account.

  2. Click the Bookings menu.

  3. Find the booking that you would like to cancel.

  4. Click the Booking details button.

  5. The Booking details page opens.

  6. Click the Cancel booking button.

  7. Read the details, paying particular attention to the Cancellation fee that you will incur.

  8. Click Cancel booking.

  9. Choose the reason for cancellation and write a message to the Guest explaining why you've cancelled their booking.

  10. Click the Cancel booking button.

  11. Your booking is now cancelled.